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I want people to have the information they need to make informed choices about how to incorporate technology into their lives. We live in a world where we’re increasingly surrounded by devices and networked services all the time, yet the organizations that build them don’t seem to be taking their responsibility seriously when it comes to explaining what data’s collected and how it’s used.At the same time we’re expected to trust that they have our best interests in mind. Something isn’t adding up. People have questions and they should be able to get straight answers about how things work.

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We're serious about answering your questions about data and we didn't want to skip over this one. Here's a post to get you started. If it sparks more questions, let us know!

Illustration for What’s a passive indicator?

Do you know what all of the icons at the top of your phone mean? Passive indicators, aka status icons, give you information about your device so that you can check the status of things without interrupting your flow.