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“Privacy” has become a buzzword these days, but how much about privacy does the everyday digital consumer really understand? While so much of our lives reside in the digital realm, the level of education, information, and transparency surrounding what happens to our data once it leaves our hands remains abysmally low. As someone who works in tech, I want to be sure we take it upon ourselves to make information about data accessible to everyone, so that people can not only be informed about what’s going on, but actually be empowered to decide what happens with their data.

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Illustration for How should my phone ask to collect my location? What would make it a “good” request?

Your location information enables apps to do a lot of neat things. It can also be a sensitive piece of information, which is why your phone doesn't give access to it without your consent. Overall that's a very good thing, but it means the onus is on you to decide: should you say yes when an app asks to use your location?

Illustration for Is my phone collecting my location once, while in use, or all the time?

Your phone apps collect data through a single location data point (once), a one-off trace (when you’re using an app), or all the time through persistent location tracking. Your phone is piecing together a story about you and your habits every time you location-share.